Welcome to Oscar E. Svensson & CO AB

We are a pan-Nordic agency and distributing company, specializing in the sales, marketing and production support of a wide variety of products, mostly for use in the Nordic printing, packaging and plastics-crafting industries.

Initially established in Sweden in 1903, the company oversees deliveries of speciality papers and industrial products to manufacturing and wholesaling customers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and even as far as the Baltic countries.

Representing several of the leading manufacturers for decades has given us a unique base of experience, detailed market and product knowledge in each field, but also led to long-term business relationships to our customers.

In the area of rigid plastics, our business has grown considerably over recent years. As a direct result, and to increase the level of service we offer, we now stock a wide and practical range of specifications in our Stockholm warehouse. This enables us to supply custom formats (cut or sawn) and small quantities at short notice, and has in turn strengthened our relationships with a growing number of customers.

Having an experienced sales organisation ensures the maximum service to European and overseas principals. We have informally structured product teams that draw on each other's resources to give an extra added value to both customers and suppliers.

The main purpose of this website is to provide a reference to all the products that we market in each country to both existing and potential customers. Links to our principals’ websites provide customers with single-click access to more detailed information about both products and suppliers.

From Sweden we follow the mentioned markets via product managers for the different segments, however our principals can choose to co-operate either in individual markets - or deploy a wide, pan-Nordic sales and marketing strategy through our established network.

For more than 115 years, we have worked hard for more than 50 international suppliers over time. Why don’t you join us as well?  

Annette Pantzar